Reeves Pond Turtle

Reeveā€™s Pond Turtle (Mauremys reevesii formerly Chinemys r.)

The specise originates in Japan and China. In British Columbia is known fro a few palce such as Beaver Lake and Buttertub on Vancouver Island (Aug 2016).

This turtle was relative common in the pet trade some years back. Most of these were wild-caught specimens, but the supply dried up (or export was prohibited), and they disappeared for about a decade (Rombough C., Pers Comm 2011). It's starting to show up in the market again, this time as captive-bred juveniles.

You can find more information about this species at the Wikipedia Reeves' Pond Turtle site.

Reeves Pond Turtle BL
Note the three ridges on the carapace which is one of the caracteristics of the is species. More pronounced in younger specimens


Reeves Pond Turtle BL Head